The author was handicapped in a motorcycle accident in 1980. He felt he had fallen through the rabbit hole into a world where nobody had any respect for his good work. In many cases people actively ruined his attempts to create, He felt the normal competition for status becomes corrupted when one of the people is handicapped. When the handicapped person attempts to contain their loss the regular person becomes more determined. Being second to a cripple is demeaning to those for whom rank and status are important.

This site is about the stories. The author attended university and college despite being in a lot of pain and having limited movement. He was devastated to find people there who sabotaged his hard work while they watched him fight to make a place for himself. That sounds very negative and it is true many of the students and lecturers were wonderful to study with.

He lives alone and struggles with a ruined memory and pain and confusion. He specialized in art and his tiny cabin is almost buried in paintings and designs. He treasures those rare moments when he is able to get his carers to help him put a painting in an exhibit. He is a recipient of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

His stories come with intent. “The Motorcyclists” is a series of items designed to keep a history of the world he experienced in 1970’s. It is a world which is in danger of disappearing beneath the cultural and class disapproval of the entitled in his community. In order to give a nod to people he cherished as friends he uses a few nicknames from that time. Nothing about the people in the stories resembles events shared by people who held the nicknames back in time.

A Time of Magic and Fighting is a true story and a part of a body of work designed to try and renew his memory and look back to a time he didnt even recognize as abusive. He also discovered constant personality changes and periods of amnesia that seem to be related to head injuries. These explorations will eventually be lined up in order so the things acting to producethe path he lived are are easily noted.

He has spent years trying to get both support and recognition from mental health and brain injury professionals and now considers them just over dressed and expensive witch doctors. He has not, in forty years of trying, been able to engage one who did not retreat into their vanilla cultural model and reject his narrative. He has been homeless. He was refused medication and medical support even when he was literally bleeding and hungry and homeless and dragging himself about so much it had caused his heart to fail. Some people will refuse to believe doctors would do this sort of thing. Soon the stories will be in here. Read on and be surprised and maybe horrified. Nobody is going to believe this stuff despite it being all toned down

At this stage the stories are filed as PDF files and they can be read on the screen or downloaded.